Thousands of individual plants photographed so you can choose your exact favorites

We currently grow Pileas, Succulents, and Houseplants. Free Shipping over 49$.


Message from Your Farmers

We're Nate and Charles, two scientists that realized we could grow plants a lot more affordably if we could build sensors that care for every plant individually. We've spent the last year building robotic growing systems to grow beautiful house plants. In the long term, we hope to use this technology to bring down the cost of fruits, vegetables, and plants by 10 and make food extremely affordable for everyone.

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No Stock Photos. 

You can't trust stock photos of produce and plants. They're all unique.
Our robots image every plant so you can choose your favorites. 

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Very Important Plant (VIP) Shipping

It's hard to put living things in a box and fly them across the country. To do so, we've developed a climate-controlled box that can create any weather from our door to yours.


Every box comes with LED lights so your plants can continue to grow in transit.


Our box has a foam interior to provide maximal support for your plants so they aren't damaged in transit.


Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide are regulated so that your plants can breathe. 

Low Cost

Free Shipping over 49$. We ensure that the overall cost of your plants is below that of Big Box stores.


Healthiest Plants

Our sensors check on your plants individually every 45 seconds to do a full check-up. With such a high level of care, our plants are able to grow 5x faster than usual. 

So you can feel confident, we offer a 1 year guarantee on all our plants. Doesn't survive? We'll replace.


Cleanest Plants

We're committed to growing in the cleanest, most sustainable way we can. 

Grown with 95% Less Water

We purify our water and then only water our plants through the roots so their leaves remain happiest. Since the water is continuously recycled, we use 95% less water than conventional farming.

No Pesticides

Most farms spray their plants with poisonous pesticides which then enter our homes and affect our health. Since our plants are grown in ideal weather conditions, we don't use any pesticides. 

Twice as Air Purifying

Our plants are grown to absorb twice as much carbon dioxide so that they can purify your homes’ air as well as possible. 

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    Customer Service by Customers

    Our customer service team is made up of customers. We always care regardless of the issue.

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    Most Affordable

    Everyone should have access to healthy salads and beautiful gardens. We work hard to ensure our prices are lower than big retailers'.

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    Ask An Agronomist

    Caring for plants is challenging. We have agronomist on staff ready to answer your questions.

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    Your idea

    We're always looking for ways to serve our customers better. Let us know if you think we can do better.

Customer Care

Our most important value is caring for our customers. 


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