Give & Get

Give free 3D printed pots to your friends. Earn 3D printed pots, rare Madagascan plants, hydroponic gardens, free rare herbs & more.

Give your friends a free 3d printed pot with the purchase of 5+ plants. As a thank you, participating customers will receive referral awards.



As soon as you participate, you will entered into a biweekly raffle for a collection of customized 3D printed pots.


3 Qualifying Referrals

A Begonia Wightii. In a 3D printed pot with customized message. Accompanied by time-lapse video of your plant growing from seed to full-size. 


5 Qualifying Referrals

Rarest of the rare. Plants only available in Madagascar. Usually sold for over 1000$ each. Grown specifically for you. 


10 Qualifying Referrals

Earn collections of 3d printed pots. 


25 Qualifying Referrals

Hydroponic herb garden. Three months subscription of herbs unavailable at Whole Foods. 


100 Qualifying Referrals

All-expense paid trip to visit our farm. Receive the first consumer grow rack which will able to grow your family's friends, vegetables, and plants within your own home.

Good Faith

Our software isn't flawless so if you believe something is going wrong don't hesitate to reach out :)

Some of these awards require us to grow plants from seed and so it can occasionally take us time to grow or manufacture before shipping out. 

We build these programs with good faith and expect the same good faith in return. The intent is for everyone to receive fun things but we may withhold rewards if we believe that it's being used in bad faith (self-referring, annoying other customers, etc...). Terms & conditions are subject to change.

Happy Planting!!

As scientists, we love to try new things so if you feel things could be done better just let us know and we'll definitely consider it. Very appreciate your support!

We would love your feedback on the Give & Get Program!