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We can grow any plant, any time, for any one.

We started our company in January of 2017. Our goal is to reduce the cost of plants - fruits, vegetables, houseplants, garden plants - everything that grows. We've started by growing a variety of succulents and houseplants. We'd love to know how we can do a better job so please leave comments. We try to grow you the healthiest, cleanest, most sustainable plants. Our plants are:

2-3x more Air Purifying

Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. As humans, we do the opposite: breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. So our homes’ air often has twice as much carbon dioxide as outside air. By breathing in that carbon dioxide, plants can purify your homes’ air. Our plants are grown in an environment with 1600 parts per million carbon dioxide levels (16000ppm vs 400ppm) and acclimatize to breathe in twice as much carbon dioxide leaving your home's air that much cleaner.

Grown 4-6x Faster

Our cameras measure the photosynthesis efficiency for each of our plants and changes the weather in its micro-greenhouse so it can grow to be its strongest, fullest self. We then custom prepare them for your environment so their healthiest in your home or garden.

Untouched by Pesticides

Most plants are continually sprayed with poisonous - in fact so much that growers must walk around in Tyvek suits. Pesticides then enter our homes through our gardens and houseplants with poor effect on our own health. We don't have to use pesticides since our plants are grown in ideal weather conditions and their health is continually observed with sensors.

Grown with 95% Less Water

We purify our water and then only water our plants through the roots so their leaves remain happiest. Each plant is individually monitored by sensors measuring its health. Exact micro & macro nutrients are added to the water to ensure plant health and flowering. Since the water is continuously recycled, we use 95% less water than conventional farming.

If you have any feedback or ideas, we're keen to improve! Happy planting!