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Welcome to Ruby Plants!

Dear Plant for Thought customer,

First of all, thanks for your support over the last few months – we love growing plants and it’s a particular pleasure to grow them for such friendly customers. Our previous website was built on third-party software which prevented us from addressing our customers’ problems as quickly and as well as they deserve to be solved. So, we built our own website to better and more quickly serve you.

With our new name, we wanted to honor Rubisco – the central molecular machine at the heart of photosynthesis and, hence, of life on earth. Rubisco has a simple task: convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugars. Yet its hard work has created almost all air & food on earth any animal has ever breathed or eaten. For every cell in your body (~37 trillion), there are 450,000 rubiscos creating the oxygen and food your body needs to live. Hence, Ruby Plants :)

Over the next year, we will add a few million plants to the website including some novel plants of our own creation. Our plants will continue to be offered at lower prices than Big Box stores. Picking out living things on the internet and delivering them in the mail remain fraught. So, we will keep working to make the former magical (growth videos for every plant, zip-code specific care instructions, etc…) and the latter reliable (climate controlled shipping boxes, insulated boxes that can withstand human jumping – photo below, etc...).

Like most living things, the website may have growing pains - don't hesitate to reach out to us! We can’t thank you enough for your support – have a wonderful 2018!!

Nate & Charles