Welcome to Ruby Plants!

We're scientists on a mission to clean the air and feed the world by improving photosynthesis. We'd like everyone to have beautiful gardens so we're giving away plants.


Beautiful Plants

Our sensors measure the health of every cell in every plant every 45 seconds so your plant is always perfectly healthy.


Perfected Shipping

Climated-controlled shipping boxes with LED lights. 


Give & Get Free Plants

Give a complimentary plant to your friends. Receive a complimentary plant for each friend who receives theirs.

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Our Mission

Photosynthesis has created the oxygen for every breath we're ever taken and the energy for every bite we've ever eaten. It's the life-blood of life on earth.

If we can find non-GMO improvements to its core molecular engine, Rubisco, we may be able to reverse climate change and greatly increase agricultural yields enabling everyone to be well fed. That's our goal.